2011 brings back a great contest and fundraiser with two awesome vehicles that can be in YOUR garage this summer!  Check out this year’s Win The Mustangs contest at:


From their site:  Most people never get to own a Boss 302.  Few people will ever own a pair of Boss 302’s.  Only one person will ever own the Patriot Edition Boss 302.

$3 is all you need to buy a ticket, and you have until July 4th of 2011 to buy one.  You can also donate tickets, buy one for someone in the Armed Forces, and split the prize with one of the soldiers.  Winner will be notified on July 15, 2011.

2012 Patriot Edition Boss 302

In cooperation with Healing Heroes Network, Ford Motor Company has created a stunning one-of-a-kind Boss Mustang entitled the “Patriot Edition,” to honor the brave troops served by our programs.

2012 Boss 302 Patriot Edition

In 1969 Ford produced a factory racer that soon became legendary, winning many races and the Trans-Am series championship in 1970. This one-of-a-kind 2012 Boss boasting 440 horsepower was created in the iconic image of the original.

The Patriot Edition serial 1 of 1 is the only 2012 Boss Mustang finished in Calypso Coral, as well as several other unique modifications. One-of-a-kind emblems confirm its unique place in automotive history. The Ford design team has signed the car, verifying its authenticity.

1969 Boss 302

1969 Boss 302 Mustang

Ford designed a purpose built racecar to compete in Trans-Am series races,requiring a limited amount of cars to be sold to the public. Sporting a 4 Speed trans, Calypso Coral paint and 3.91 axle this rare car is one of only 46 built with these options. This fully restored rare example has only 40,000 original miles and has been inspected for authenticity and comes complete with thoroughbred documentation.

The obvious Boss modifications scream out muscle car from any angle. Underestimated from the factory at 290 horsepower this car is a thrill to drive. No automatic here, you’ll have to go through the gears yourself with the four speed transmission.

So go buy several of these raffle tickets and good luck to everyone!

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  1. oh man. These two cars are amazing. we signed my father up for these. hopefully he will win! my father was in the Airforce for a long time. He has been a great father to three loving kids and a great serviceman for his fellolw americans. As an old Blackhawk pilot he has seen many things but this i want him to never forget. i believe this would be a perfect way to show him how much we love him.
    God bless and good luck! HOOAH!

    Joshua M. Johnston

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