Perry Farm Mustang Show Update

If you didn’t make it to the Mustang car show at Perry Farm in Bourbonnais, IL today, you missed out! It was an awesome display of some of the hottest Stangs from every generation. There were Shelbys, Saleens, Roushs, you name it. 2nd gen Mustang Cobras were in the house, even a ’67 GT500KR. It was incredible.

Perry Farm Ford and Mustang Show TODAY!

Stay tuned for coverage of the Perry Farm Ford and Mustang Show, which is of course TODAY, Sunday, August 1, 2010, at 459 N. Kennedy Drive in Bourbonnais, IL.

2011 Shelby GT500 Improved In and Out

If you haven’t already seen one, the new 2011 Shelby G500’s are sporting a 120-lb lighter front-end due to an aluminum block and some other stuff, as well as switching to electronic power steering. They are also bearing narrower stripes from front to back, is that cool or what I can’t tell.

Elgin, IL Mustang Show

Pics from May 22, 2010 Chicago Mustang Club and Ron Hopkins Elgin Mustang Show. Exciting show from 10am-2pm. Free food, Ford Sync training and demos. Even an 1972 Pantera showed up.

St. Charles, IL Car Show

Nice little car show at St. Charles High School last weekend. There were a few choice Mustangs there, on Saturday May 15.

Check these beauties out:

Shelby Announces Supercharged And Auto Tranny Naturally Aspirated GT350

Shelby American announced last week that they will be offering street versions of the GT350 to include a naturally-aspirated model with either a 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission, as well as a supercharged version, which will be available as soon as late summer 2010. Cost is $26,995 for the N/A or $33,995 for supercharged.

Need More Power? Shelby GT500 Mods For 612-rwhp!

Who said 540-hp was enough to satisfy everyone? Chances are if you opted for a Shelby GT500, you’re power-hungry, and someday you’re gonna look for more. Without even opening up the motor, you can unlock 612 rear-wheel horsies on your beast.