My Snow Mustang Beat Your Sand Stang!


Props go out to 16-year old Tom Murphy, from Manteno Illinois and his dad. Perhaps they were trying to get out of shoveling the driveway and while Mom was sweating out front from heaving two feet of snow, these two were building cars out back. I hope it was at least a supercharged GT500.

Happy 2011 Mustang Lovers

To our loyal fans, thanks for hanging in there during the slow times. I want to make it clear that Stang Pit is committed to bringing you more CAR SHOWS, more NEWS, more PICTURES, and more MUSTANGS in 2011 than ever before!

Life From The Sideview Mirror

Sometimes I feel like I’m looking in a side-view mirror, watching life go by at a weird angle. You see things you’ve passed up, some good, some bad.

Married Mustang Maniacs Relieve Spouses Of Mustang Freaks

Just when you thought your spouse was a little too obsessed with the iconic pony car known as the Ford Mustang, news breaks that there are much more obsessed Mustang fans out there.  You can save thousands by not having to call a psychiatrist-laden intervention. Ford Mustang lovers Vickie Sue Kilpatrick and Ronnie Cox got […]