Need More Power? Shelby GT500 Mods For 612-rwhp!

Who said 540-hp was enough to satisfy everyone? Chances are if you opted for a Shelby GT500, you’re power-hungry, and someday you’re gonna look for more. Without even opening up the motor, you can unlock 612 rear-wheel horsies on your beast.

New Ford Crate Motors Up To 535-HP!

Ford Racing recently released two new crate motors with very competitve pricing, a 306-ci motor with 9:1 compression, putting out 340-hp, and a 535-hp monster with 10.5:1 compression, standing at a meaty 427-ci. Prices are $3495 and $8800, respectively.

Mustang Depot’s New Billet Grille for 1969 Mustang

NEW PARTS!! “These beautifully designed Billet Grills mount in the existing grill locations and add an awesome, custom look to your early model Mustang. Our grills are welded and utilize 30-40% more billet bars than the average billet grills on the market.”

Salty Spoiled Kid Gets 45 Gallons of Saline For Birthday

An Atherton, California kid wanted nothing more than a new Saleen 435s Mustang for his 16th birthday.  His parents could afford a Saleen S281 for him, but capped the son’s gift allowance at $10,000. The parents told him he could have anything he wanted.  When he told them he wanted a new Saleen, his car-dumb […]

Herpes Mustang Not A Hit With Ladies

A boy’s dream gone wrong.  His plan to rock the Winter Dance in style backfired.  Ford’s new custom sill plates or scuff plates light up and would get this youth the attention he wanted with the ladies.  He could choose the text, up to 22 characters long.  He could also pick from different logos and have side text, […]