Shelby Releases GT350 Red, White, and Blue ‘Verts!

SHELBY AMERICAN announced convertible 2012 Shelby GT350’s in Red, White, and Blue. A limited production of 350 will be built. 430 HP normally aspirated, 525 HP supercharged or 624 HP supercharged versions. Starts at $26,995.00 (normally aspirated) and $33,995.00 (supercharged), not including the base car.

Cervini Retro Tail Light Conversion

The people at Cervini’s have come up with a sweet looking retro tail light conversion kit for late model Mustangs. They are reminiscent of the ones the Cougars had in the 1960’s, which were used by aftermarket Mustang modifiers to look awesome.

Win The Mustangs 2011

Most people never get to own a Boss 302. Few people will ever own a pair of Boss 302’s. Only one person will ever own the Patriot Edition Boss 302. For $3 you can have it all!

Billet Fuel Rails From Shelby

Hot off the presses for about $300 is Shelby American’s new precision-machined billet fuel rails for the 2005-2010 Mustang GT 4.6 and the 2007-2012 Ford Shelby GT-500 5.4 engines. They look great and have better flow for those demanding modded motors out there.

2005 Ford Mustang GTT Makes 700-hp at Rear Wheels!

Ford Mustang GTT – Twin Turbo baby. This precious pony pounds out at least 700-rwhp, yet the owner states is very streetable. Custom fuel system, custom exhaust, custom intercooler. Upgraded transmission, TCI rachet shifter, ghost stripes. Dark deep-dish rims adorned with huge shoes, neatly tucked in the fenders.

Roush Announces 525-hp 2011 5XR Mustang!

ROUSH has become an automotive powerhouse based on this simple premise, and he couldn’t wait to get his hands, and his engineering team, on the new Ford 5.0L engine. The end result is the 2011 ROUSH 5XR Mustang with “more power” under the hood thanks to the factory-installed ROUSHcharger.

New Steering Wheels For 2005-2011 Mustang

Grant Products just announced they will be making a new Revolution series steering wheel for 2005-2011 Ford Mustangs. They will produce wheels with and without the ROUSH logo on them. They will be offered in various colors to match your taste and your ride.

2011 Shelby Super Snake 800-hp!

Shelby American announced they will make a 2011 Shelby Super Snake, limited to 1000 cars, with a killer 800-hp. For that many horses, slap yourself, then slap $30 grand on the table along with your formerly beloved 2011 Shelby GT500.