Rare Twin Shelby GT500s Doomed To Demolition Derby

Jim Vernichten can think of nothing more amazing than winning two rare Shelby GT500s, then racing them in a Demolition Derby.  “I always show up in old junkers, and I can’t wait to see the guys’ faces when I show up in these”, Jim proclaimed. His dream may come true July 4th, 2010.  On that day, […]

Salty Spoiled Kid Gets 45 Gallons of Saline For Birthday

An Atherton, California kid wanted nothing more than a new Saleen 435s Mustang for his 16th birthday.  His parents could afford a Saleen S281 for him, but capped the son’s gift allowance at $10,000. The parents told him he could have anything he wanted.  When he told them he wanted a new Saleen, his car-dumb […]

Ford Robots Seduce Crowd With Hot Dance Moves

Anyone in attendance at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show couldn’t help but notice the huge orange assembly robots, which were subdued behind clear cages to shield the crowd from their sexiness. All three danced to the beat of bass-heavy tunes designed to rock the crowd and seduce them into buying Ford products for the rest of […]

Ford Lays Off 900 Due To Ugly 2010 Mustang Rear End

Ford announced today that they will lay off 900 workers from the Mustang plant and send them to other locations.  This was an effect of drastically lower Mustang sales in 2009, probably due to the redesigned rear end. After perfecting the rear tri-bar lights for the 2005 model, Ford decided to get creative with the […]