St. Charles, IL Car Show

Nice little car show at St. Charles High School last weekend. There were a few choice Mustangs there, on Saturday May 15.

Check these beauties out:

2011 Ford Mustang Chosen As Intergalactic Car Of The Decade


In a time when Earth is experiencing a downtrodden economy and a “green” revolution, intergalactic space pirates from nearby Centauri are earning more booty by the minute. Centaurians agree that Ford has a winner on their hands. Qaxar hasn’t driven a Mustang since it “got me a lot of chicks, but was more nose-heavy than W.C. Fields.”

Mustang Depot’s New Billet Grille for 1969 Mustang

NEW PARTS!! “These beautifully designed Billet Grills mount in the existing grill locations and add an awesome, custom look to your early model Mustang. Our grills are welded and utilize 30-40% more billet bars than the average billet grills on the market.”

Ford Mustang Was Named After Badminton Team


Some say the Ford Mustang was named after the wild horse. Some say it was named after the P-51 fighter plane made famous in World War II. But very few say the truth, the best kept secret in automotive history.

Previously Unreleased 1965 Mustangs For Sale

Dearborn, MI – Ford announced today that 5,000 previously unreleased 1965 Mustangs will go on sale for a mere $16,058. These are BRAND NEW spotless, shining 1965 Mustangs, actually made in 1965.

2010 Mustang Angry About Anniversary

 The 2010 Mustangs are furious.  “I get no respect” balked Huffer, a Sunset Gold Metallic Mustang GT, made in the lonely 2010 model year.  Huffer has horrible hangups to huff about too, including the fact that the 2011 is getting the new Coyote motor, up 97 HP from his engine. He’s also upset that they experimented […]