First of all, if this post seems like deja vu, there’s a reason. Though it seems like years to you have passed, only a few days have gone by for me since I was traveling at light speed.

But other than that, yeah, you heard that right. Stang Pit is back and better than ever!  We are rolling our new site out in phases, so there will be a few things missing while we reinvent them.  We wanted to get back up ASAP just in time for the Amazing Annual Mustang Show at Perry’s Farm in Bourbonnais, IL.

It’s the best Mustang Show I’ve seen in the Midwest.

We are working on getting a great, easy to use Events system back up and running.  I’m pretty picky about how those work and want it to be just right.  Bear with us and it will be AWESONE.

Many of you are left wondering, “well where the hell were you the past several years?”  Though it may be hard to believe, the Centaurians were less than pleased with my article on them, and they took me hostage, in a bizarre holding pane, much like Zed from Superman.  The only reason I got out was Qaxar actually died, and on their planet, that means I can go free.

I thought only a few days passed, but apparently at light speed that means years here down on Earth for those of you not traveling and light speed.

Here’s what we’re done so far: