Shelby is going to have to make a new motor soon.  The GT is up 97-hp from last year, but the Shelby is up just 10-hp from last year!  It may seem ridiculous, but 550-hp may not cut it for the price.

With the GT now making 412-hp, the Shelby should be 684-hp.  They’re usually about 66% more than the GT, and they better be for the price premium! 

Uh-oh, Slow In 4 Mo'?

At this rate, the 2015 Shelby GT500 will have negative -15 horsepower.  To be exact, going off of the difference from 2010 to 2011 alone, the 2015 Shelby GT500 will be 592-hp, while the regular Mustang GT will be 1206-hp.

I don’t mind horsepower, or torque for that matter.  And I certainly don’t want muscle cars to go away.  They’re better for the environment.  Hybrids have huge batteries that are hazards after 10 years.  But I digress.

If this madness continues, we will have 1000-hp Mustangs in the near future.  Now I don’t actually think we’ll see that.  We just oo’d and aah’d about a 300-hp GT in 2005, but the Mustang GT made 271-hp back in 1965 when it debuted!

I suppose everything runs in cycles, spinning in circles like the records we used to listen to.  Back when TV wasn’t reality, and I liked it.  Back when you had to get out of your car to get a coffee.  Back when clothes were ugly and everyone was hairy… and a hippie.  OK never mind, I like the present better.