An Atherton, California kid wanted nothing more than a new Saleen 435s Mustang for his 16th birthday.  His parents could afford a Saleen S281 for him, but capped the son’s gift allowance at $10,000.

The parents told him he could have anything he wanted.  When he told them he wanted a new Saleen, his car-dumb parents had no idea he meant a car.  The Saleen costs just 10 large over a base Mustang GT, which he already owns. 

Sweet Stang Sounds Like Salt

“Since (son) wears contacts, we were sure he was just being practical and wanted enough saline solution to last him a while”, said his mother, who wishes to remain nameless.

The $10k bought the kid 5714 ounces of saline solution which is equal to about 45 gallons, arriving in crates of 1-ounce bottles.

Saleen offers this supercharged 435S Stanger with 435-hp @ 5800 rpm, 425 lb-ft torque @ 4000 rpm, Racecraft suspension, 5-speed manual transmission, 8.8-inch limited-slip differential, and a 3.73:1 final drive.