Dearborn, MI – Ford announced today that 5,000 previously unreleased 1965 Mustangs will go on sale for a mere $16,058.  These are BRAND NEW spotless, shining 1965 Mustangs, actually made in 1965.  Though they are familiar 1965 Mustangs, they still look different than anything you’ve seen before.

The ridiculously low price of just over 16 large ones is what it would cost with inflation, as it debuted for just $2,320 back in 1965.  How these cars remained unknown, unseen, and untouched for 45 years is utterly unbelievable. 

Are You Experienced?

In equally unbelievable news is Jimi Hendrix.  Yes, the guitar legend who has been dead for over 40 years, has just released a new album with previously unreleased STUDIO recordings.  Called “Valley’s Of Neptune”, this new album was released on March 8, 2010. 

Jimi lives with Tupac in Little Wing, Arizona, where they have been hiding the 5,000 Mustangs for 45 years.  They put out new albums every so often and have been spotted together, rapping and strumming on picnic tables in Riordan Mansion State Park, in Flagstaff, AZ.

You can find more about Jimi and his upcoming tour dates at:
To get information about purchasing one of the 5,000 Mustangs, call up Santa at 772-257-4661.