Powerful forces joined together to make for a perfect summer day in Volo, with maximum Mustang mystique. The weather was great, the cars were rockin’, and the museum grounds were an awesome setting.

Between this and the Bourbonnais show last weekend, August has been just plain awesome. Considering the early half of this summer really blew chunks with spring-like thunderstorms and oppressive tropical humidity, I think it’s done a 180.

Roush had an impressive display which included a 2011 Stage 2. They are putting their final touches on the supercharger for the Stage 3, which should be available soon. The Stage 1 is an appearance package, the Stage 2 adds a suspension and exhaust package (which sounds awesome, by the way) and the Stage 3 adds engine mods, supercharger, and more.


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  1. I owned an ’09 GT500 & I would very much like to know the body kit that was put on the silver w/blue stripe GT500 on photo 207 of the Volo Shelby-Cobra-Mustang Show. I would very much appreciate on a reply with detailed information. This silver GT500 is great looking & I would also like to compliment the owner, if possible be able to talk to him by phone or e-mail. Thank you kindly & I enjoyed the pictures from the show.

  2. I’m not certain as I’m not the owner, but it looks to me like the Cervini’s C500 kit with custom touches such as the yellow light covers, red “pull for flight” tab and more. You can see the Cervini’s kit near the top of the page here: https://www.cervinis.com/product.aspx?car=1&id=1208#9022

    This sweet Mustang and the owner frequents a lot of Fox Valley area car shows when it’s warm out. I have seen him at the “fancy” McDonalds car show on Randall Rd. in South Elgin on Friday nights, as well as St. Charles, Volo and Sycamore.

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