Ford Racing recently released two new crate motors with very competitve pricing.   First is the X-302, which features forged pistons, boost-friendly 9:1 compression, hydraulic-roller E303  cam, and X-306 heads.  This adds up to 306-ci of displacement pumping out a very respectable 340-hp.

For those longing for dangerously dazzling displacement, Ford also has a 535-hp monster with 10.5:1 compression, a meaty 427-ci featuring a steel crank, H-beam rods, and forged pistons topped with Z heads.  Both come without a distributer, wires, intake, carb, or a fuel system, headers, or flywheel.

New Ol' 427 Crate Motor
Sweet 306-ci Crate Motor

$3495 for the 306, $8800 for the 427.