Juicy 2011 Shelby GT350

After Chevy mysteriously hogged the Indy 500 pace car slot for 9 years in a row, the Mustang GT350 is taking over in 2011.  Drivers have not been announced, but it’s suspected that the alien who built the 1994 Cobra is making the 8 light-year journey back to Earth to pilot the pony.  The ’94 was the last Stang to pace the 500. 

This race marks the 45th Anniversary of both the Shelby GT350 and the Cobra 427.  The 350 will feature the new Coyote motor with 5.0-liters supercharged to pump out over 500-hp.

Due to the alien’s ultimate control over the minds of the race organizers, the Mustang was the pace car for the 2010 Daytona 500, and will be the pace car for all future races until the alien is once again defeated by the outcast Chevy-lover aliens, known as the Xylertats.

Blurqnorst, a Romanized version of the alien’s name, declined to comment.