Residents of Alaska don’t usually worry about being bitten by snakes.  Brock Madu was taking his usual morning walk by Seekins Ford in Fairbanks when he felt a sharp pain in his right foot.

He fell to the ground in agony, but when he looked up he saw “the most beautiful creature to grace these eyes”, as Brock so eloquently put it.  What he saw was the mythical 2010 Shelby Super Snake.  Madu said he can’t afford the $29,495 for the 630-hp model or the $33,495 for the 725-hp version, let alone the $47,575 price tag for a sacrificial GT500. 

This snake can bite me!

Brock’s right foot was twitching, and his daily driver just wouldn’t cut it anymore.  It wasn’t until he soaked his foot in 5W20 Royal Purple motor oil that the pain departed, but his need for speed remains.  It’s easy to see why…

A Shelby GT500 can be dropped off at the Shelby Las Vegas facility and shed it’s skin, emerging as either a 630-hp or 725-hp monster.  Keeping the 5.4L DOHC V8 motor, the 725-hp features an upgraded inter-cooler and radiator, a cold air intake, and a high-flow JBA exhaust system.

The 630-hp version uses a Borla cat-back unit and Ford Racing suspension with adjustable dampers, stiffer springs, thicker anti-roll bars, a front strut tower brace, and custom 20-inch Super Snake wheels wearing Pirelli P-Zero shoes.  Big-brake Baer six-piston front calipers feature cross-drilled and ventilated discs.

These very venomous victors show off a sweet new hood with an over-sized scoop and vents, racing stripes, rear quarter window scoops, and carbon-fiber splitter and side sills.  The customization continues in cabin, with embroidered headrests sporting Shelby signs and carbon-fiber faced gauge faces.

Sure, some naysayers may say these behemoths are nose-heavy and have problems on a track, but to them Brock Madu says “go back to Europe and watch F1 racing for (censored)’s sake!  These heavy noses will be flying in the air at the next NMRA race… jerks!”  Besides, who ever wrote a song about a Lotus or a Suburu anyhow?