Out of the roughly 100,000 Pontiac Azteks on the road, all of them are horrifically hideous heaps.  Ironically, in a recent survey, Aztec owners ganged up on a unique custom car of another mother, or father rather.

The Iacocca Edition was built last year to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, which debuted in April 1964.  Production of the Iacocca 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang will be limited to just 45 cars.  They are or were available exclusively at Galpin Ford in Southern California. 

Too Sexy For Aztec Owners

Aztec owners thought quite poorly of the car and used descriptors such as “too sexy”, “too fast or fun looking”, and even “it’s so different than the Aztek, of course it’s ugly!”

One single 40-year old man protested his loyalty to the Aztek saying, “it’s so cool, it reminds me of the brilliant Chevy Citation“.