Contagious Scuff Plates

A boy’s dream gone wrong.  His plan to rock the Winter Dance in style backfired.  Ford’s new custom sill plates or scuff plates light up and would get this youth the attention he wanted with the ladies.  He could choose the text, up to 22 characters long.  He could also pick from different logos and have side text, all for just under $200.  

Herbert Erpe owns a 2005 Mustang.  But once some of the football players started driving them, he needed to make his Mustang special.  He wanted everyone that got in to remember his name.  He ordered up some custom scuff plates but abbreviated his first name since it’s kind of nerdy, so it would read, “H. Erpe’s”.  

What Herb didn’t plan on was the fact that Ford doesn’t allow special characters or lower case.  To Herb’s surprise, no ladies wanted to go to the dance with him, as word got out that his Mustang now read “HERPES”.

If I were to scrounge up $200 for these, I would order a driver’s side one that reads “Get Out”, and a passenger side one that reads “Get In”.