The picture is what Chicago looks like from I-90 at 2:30 AM on a Thursday morning, on tax day.  Why is this a cool picture?  It’s not.

You know it’s going to be a bad day when you never went to sleep, but wanted to, then you find out at 1:00 AM that you have to go to work, 40 miles away.  The only saving grace was I got to take the Stanger out for a roadtrip, albeit unplanned, though I suppose most of mine aren’t planned.

Ugh. It's 2am Chicago!

Not cool.  Then I got back in the Stanger thinking I could go home at 4:00 AM, just to find out I had to go right back in.  And it’s tax day.  What a sucky day.  Hey, at least it’ll be warm in Chicago today!