Ford announced today that they will lay off 900 workers from the Mustang plant and send them to other locations.  This was an effect of drastically lower Mustang sales in 2009, probably due to the redesigned rear end.

Nasty 2010 Rear

After perfecting the rear tri-bar lights for the 2005 model, Ford decided to get creative with the 2010 slight redesign, and go space-age.  The front end is meaner, there are pronounced muscular “hips” over the rear wheel wells, but the back end… failed.

Some say it was due to the economy and the new Camaro, but the Camaro hasn’t outsold the Mustang since 1985, and c’mon, the new Camaro has a far worse back-end!

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  1. The tail lights were an evolutionary change from the 2005-09. I might have been able to swallow that had Ford not gone an screwed up the cohesive design of the 2005-09’s back end. From a variety of angles the new trunk lid looks like it’s ajar even though it’s fully closed! Change for change sake didn’t workout this time around. The 2010 Mustang’s back end is NOT an improvement over the 2005-09 car. To do what they did Ford may as well left the back end alone….maybe added the sequential tail lights and back-up lights but left the general shape of the tail lights the same as in the 05-09 car. The group in charge of this latest redesign is not the same group as the one that gave us the 05-09 car. This new exterior design team should be FIRED for screwing up a great design.

  2. I agree. Thanks for posting. I saw you found our old site “Coyote Mustang”, sorry for the trouble, I added links on that one to show we’ve moved here.

    What do you think of the front end of the 2010+? It doesn’t bother me like the back end does. In fact, I kind of like it. Of course it’s not as cool as my ’06, but it’s acceptable.

  3. The 2010 front end though not as ground-breaking as the 05-09 Mustang is light years ahead of the botched job that was done to the back-end of the 2010 car.

  4. Agreed. The tail was botched. In addition, the looks of the power dome on the hood don’t fit with the forward creases that should at least continue the entire length of the hood. And unfortunately, the V6 front end looks better than the GT. Enough problems in the aesthetics department to get me to go shopping for one of the last 2009s instead.

  5. Ah, c’mon sour grapes. The new back end looks just fine, and I’m seeing more of them on the street every day. Once you get used to it, the old back end looks like a big fat slab. I like the new design, all around, and apparently the general public does to, because sales are up.

  6. Totally agree! The rear end of the 2010 Mustangs was a TOTAL let down. The front end looks strong and muscular, while the back end looks weak and wimpie. This just shows why the American automotive industry was a complete failure from the 1970’s on…. poor appearance based on designs by 50+ year old men without proper consumer research. Just when i thought Ford was starting to learn from past mistakes and designing a true American legend once again, this hideous Disney-pixie rear end pops up. Hopefully Ford can take a step back to the future and once again put an aesthetically strong design on the market.

  7. The original back end was a grotesque re-imagining of the original Mustang, WAY to big, and absolutely hideous without a spoiler to break it up. The new back end ties in with the rest of the car much better.
    I guarantee you won’t see people trying to hide it like they did that old big-ass end using aftermarket blackout panels, and fake Mach 1 grill panels.
    It looks great with the body color of the car, and the center badge gets rid of that “Hip-Hop artist medallion” look of the original.

  8. Its always this way. The owners of the previous generation of every car whine and moan about styling changes made to its replacement. In fact, the Mustang had grown stale, and all the aftermarket mods had as well, seeing as everyone had the same ones. It was time for a breath of fresh air, and the new Mustang brings it. Less blocky, more sleek and Modern, the new Mustang is a winner in every way.

  9. The back end on the 2010s looks great. Less boxy, and the taillights are one of the main improvements. The 05 and ups taillight looked like one big blob at night, you couldn’t distinguish the three segments (Of which only two lit up when braking or signaling. The new design is miles ahead, the three segments easily detectable from behind from a distance, and the beveled bumper corner matches the same treatment on the front. (I never can get that, why people (mostly old version owners) think the back bumper doesn’t match the rest of the car. Heres a CLUE, go look at your front bumper. Sheesh! Curved rear deck panel is a winner as well, breaks up that boring slab look of the older model.

  10. I looked real good at a 2011GT today and I still can’t get over how these fools in the styling dept at Ford screwed up the back end of the new 2010/11 Mustangs.
    The trunk lid along it’s lower lip doesn’t even follow the body lines along the light lens and gives the impression of TRUNK AJAR!
    This is a classic case of a “dirty design flaw” The shape of the new tails light look like the belong on an Acura…..not a Mustang!
    The synchronicity of the design in the 05-09 cars is sadly lacking in the 10/11 cars.
    Even the interior was not spared the screw up……The unique round air vents are gone replaces by Toyota air vents…….pathetic.
    One can only hope that Ford will address the butt ugly sales stifling rear end.

  11. As far as the rear faux gas cap GT emblem on the trunk lid……the multifaceted one on the 05/09 cars was spot on and added to the general retro-appearance of the car.
    The 201O/11 CARS have to make do with one that looks like the bottom of my Mother’s frying pan! Deeeeesgusting!

  12. It seems like its mainly the “sour grapes” bunch driving the old style Mustangs that love to disparage the new model, but in the automotive world, the general consensus seems to be that the refresh produced a much better looking car. Sleeker, muscular, less boxy and more modern. The back end on the 05’s-’09s were just too big. So many mods are obviously attempts to remedy this, honeycomb panels, blackouts, taillight bezels etc.
    To anyone who doesn’t like the inward curvature of the deck lid, I’d suggest that you don’t really know very much Mustang history, and advise that you take a look at the rear deck of any 1967-68.
    P.S. I had a ’06, and an ’09

  13. The ’05s and up WOULD have been a nice look had they stuck to the original design seen on the show car, with the full lencth tail lights, but when they were truncated for the sake of economy, it left a big blank slab across the rear, ant the bumper itself was a massave slablike flaw. The beveled corners of the new model’s bumper, (which perfectly matches and complements the front end of the car), nicely trims the bulky looking rear end of the previous model’s bumper. Another plus of the new design, you can see its a mustang at night, from a long way off, thanks to the much better seperation of the three taillight segments. I would argue that the latest model is a more accurate homage to the original than the ’05s were in that regard.

  14. Regarding interior changes, don’t even try and compare the two. The original with the “unique round air vents” (take a look and you’ll see the same “unique” vents on the F-150’s made that year), cannot begin to compare to the ’10-11 models. Dash, doors, center stack, console, everything is far superior, as was universally reported by every automotive magazine that reviewed it. The 2010-11s are in effect a better looking, better designed, superior car.

  15. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE hated that faux gas cap from the ’05+s. Anybody that knew how, removed them and put one of those ribbed black plastic stick-on panels with the mustang to one side in it’s place. The new version, a simple ring, is much easier on the eyes, and will wear better over time. Plus…no unsightly keyhole!

  16. This same scenario was played out before when they refreshed the original SN-95s. The owners of the previous models lamented on how Ford had “Ruined” the classic look of their cars. With the advantage of hindsight, we can see how silly this all was.
    However, the folks with ’73s might have had a legitimate concern…

  17. The original mustang gas cap was a simple affair, round with three equally spaced protrusions to facilitate twisting for removal. Where they came up with the idea for that silver service-tea plate thing they stuck on the back of the’05s is anybody’s guess. The following year, the protrusions were removed, and a simple ring with ridging on the edge replaced it, much like the current version.

  18. Is that an ironing board, or my hood!!
    Had to comment on one of the earlier comments criticizing the new hood. The ’05s were OK, but a little bland and flat. They really needed a scoop to look good. The current ones are a home run, great stamping lines, got rid of those cheap looking windshield washer nozzles, they need no scoops or hood pins to look sporting. ANother cool thing is, the covers on the visor match the hood – exactly.

  19. “The trunk lid along it’s lower lip doesn’t even follow the body lines along the light lens and gives the impression of TRUNK AJAR!” Hey Fonebone, take another look, and this time, pay attention! Run your finger along the backup light contours. Notice anything? Thaaats right, they match the curvature of the decklid perfectly. The red lenses do stand up though, the way they were designed to.

  20. Now with the perspective of time, the new Mustang’s rear looks even better, and the previous model, well not so much. Boxy, flat. Funny how the stylists got it right before the general public did.

  21. The new Mustang rear end is now weak looking and would look better on a tuner Japanese car. It makes you wonder who approved that mess. Not one person of all age groups I have ever asked, thinks it looks better than the previous year. Maybe if you wear panoramic glasses, it straightens it out !

  22. ” In the 47 years Ford Motor Motor Company has been selling the Ford Mustang only two other times have they ever had a lower month of sales. This past January marks the third lowest monthly sales total for the Ford Mustang ever. January 2011 joins February and January of 2009 as the lowest monthly sales total ever in the 47 year history of the Ford Mustang. ”

    Gee . . . I wonder why ?

  23. The current Camaro and Challenger deserve all the criticism they can get for being the rolling eyesores they are. The Mustang at least is an evolutionary design. The Mustang never ceased production and has been an American icon for generations. The Challenger is horrible. A bloated, homely, concoction that only the cash strapped dolt’s at Daimler Chrysler could create. Why the egregious bastardization of the original Challenger? Why couldn’t Chrysler come up with something striking and fresh for the Challenger? In this case of retro, Chrysler really f***** up! The Camaro is another example of poor product planning. The Camaro never should’ve been killed off in the first place. Chevy replaced the Camaro with that eye searingly ugly SSR retro pick up. DUMB! The last Camaro in 2002 looked SO much better than that clown car they released in 2009. I predict that the Challenger will die once again, and the Camaro will be around for a while, yet the Mustang will remain MUCH, MUCH longer.

  24. Secular Dude, I agree with you regarding the ugliness of the current Camaro and Challenger, but as for the Mustang being an “evolutionary” design I disagree. The 2005- to current Mustang is borrowing on yesterday’s styling cues. This whole retro concept is banal to say the least. I rented a 2012 Mustang GT out of curiousity while in Los Angeles, on vacation, and I conclude that I’d never want to own one after “living” with one for a week. My dedication to advant garde styling, engineering and quality goes towards the German makes. If you’ve got the cash then there is aboslutely NO automobile built in America that can remotely come close to a BMW or Benz.

  25. With the passage of time, its obvious which design is superior. The 05-09 stangs look very dated, while the 10-12 models still look fresh. Glad Ford didn’t rest on its laurels, instead freshening up the Mustang for another 5 years. BTW, the earlier comment attempting to tie the lower sales into the redesign omitted one very important factor. The release of the 2010 Camaro. Of course Mustang sales would drop. For the first time in several years they had a competitor. That’s where the numbers went. Not because of any lack of acceptance of the new design.

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