This weekend was just one of those weekends when my wife and I both worked, I don’t remember the last time I spoke with my parents, sister, or friends, and I sit here Sunday evening still having to do taxes.

Is this what life is all about?  Sometimes I feel like I’m looking in a side-view mirror, watching life go by at a weird angle.  You see things you’ve passed up, some good, some bad.  It’s good to take pictures of these events, since it sure makes them easier to remember.  I think it’s good to enjoy yourself as you go.  That’s where Mustangs fit into our lives.  Whether you’re young, or just young-at-heart, these cars let you get in, hit the open road, and purr your worries away.

Watching Life Go By

We enjoy roadtrips.  We look through all the photos often… it’s fun to reminisce.  However, I think sometimes people dwell on the past too much.  Looking at the side-view mirror is great, in fact it’s necessary.  But I remember what my driver’s education teacher and my parents taught me:  “Check your mirrors often, but the most important thing is where you are and what’s in front of you.”

What a great metaphor for life.  Here’s to Mustang motoring!