To Mod or Not To Mod, that is the question of the day.

Some of us can’t fight the urge to make our Mustangs stand out from the rest.  Personal taste and budget usually define to what extent we go.  We have all seen one at a car show and thought “Dang that’s fugly”, while we hear the guy next to us say “Wow that’s freakin awesome”.

Nasty (fugly?) Stang from 2008 SEMA

What defines hideous?  What if we all buy our stick-on mods from the same vendors, then they all look the same.  That’s the beauty of the aftermarket.  It is the consumer’s choice so it is unlikely two people will have all of the exact same mods on their cars. 

I actually don’t mind seeing someone else with my mods.  For one, I know that I didn’t get true custom one-offs made, so I almost expect to see my mods somewhere else.  Secondly, it’s fun to talk to the other like-minded Stang-fan about their mods and what you did to yours, and compare notes with install problems and so forth.

I think everyone has their own concept of a “perfect Mustang”.  I like to have a subtly modded exterior that still looks a little different, with a crazy underhood and interior.  If I had the money or time, I would have a totally custom interior and underhood styling complete with monster motor, supercharged or twin-turbo.  It would be fun, ready for car shows, but not grab too much unwanted attention while cruisin down the avenue.

I guess I’m a little partial to the stealth Stang.  I’d rather see V6 emblems on a monster blown V8 Mustang than see Shelby logos on a V6.

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  1. As the owner of a”stealth stang” I could not agree more.
    She’s a twin turbo with a few exterior aftermarket mods and a few custom mods.
    Leave them wondering! Blow them away THEN open the hood.

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