Since the 18th century, people have been comparing engine power to horse power.  Another beast from the east was initially overlooked, but experts agree that the donkey, or “ass”, can haul more cargo and make more power.

Related to the donkey is the mule.  A mule is actually half-donkey and half-horse.  A male donkey and female horse create a mule.  A female donkey and male horse create a “hinny”.  A mule is more common than a hinny, and the mule is a true workhorse.

Donkey King

The oft-ignored mule stays out of the limelight, while the horse gets all the credit.  Car experts are pushing forward with a proposal to rename the roaring rating system from horsepower to “donkeypower”.  How many dp does your car have?

Runners-up were hinnypower, mulepower, and asspower.  I’m so glad asspower didn’t win.  However if it did, perhaps people would focus more on torque, and rightfully so.  Torque is that exhilarating seat-of-your-pants feeling you get when flooring the gas pedal of our Mustangs, especially from a stop or slow-roll.  Horsepower, er, donkeypower, helps more with top-end speeds.

This story begs the question, “Do horses hate hinny haulers and are all also appalled at asses?”  The new term is scheduled to replace horsepower on January 1, 2011.