There has been a lot of commotion recently about the possibility of a diesel-powered Mustang that Ford is developing for Europe.  Most reports have alluded to actual plans Ford has and which existing powerplants would be used.  Some of the speculation may be attributed to the fact that Ford announced a while back that they definitely want to start offering the Mustang in Europe.

Many Mustangs Meant For Manchester?

The Mustang News went off in a respectable opposing direction saying that the diesel ‘Stang is very unlikely.  They stated the Mustang “is not getting a diesel anytime soon here or across the pond.  Those in Europe who do spend out for the Mustang aren’t going to care about the petrol costs, it’s about the legendary performance of the V8.”

Who is right?  I suppose only time will tell.  Ford’s current offerings in Europe are strewn with fuel-efficient subcompacts that are quite popular “over there”.  There is quite an American muscle car fan-base in Europe however.  I would have to agree that those fans don’t want a European-version “hacked-up” muscle car with a different engine, they want “the real deal”.

But we shouldn’t underestimate appearance.  If Europeans wanted performance they would likely flock to the many other car-makes that make more horsepower-per-liter.  The retro-styled 2005+ models (S197 body type) are as admired in Europe as they are in the U.S., among Mustang fans. 

Europeans petitioned Ford to offer the Mustang in Europe in 2006.  I feel the V6 would outsell the V8-powered GT in Europe, just as it did in America.  People like the styling, the power, but more people have money for the V6, and like the increased fuel-efficiency of it over the GT.

To add to the confusion, Ford has serious plans to increase their electric and hybrid offerings in Europe over the next 3 years.  Ford has also recognized the benefit of platform commonality across their brands and models.  Does it make sense to introduce a different model with a diesel engine when so many other powertrains are being developed and pushed by Ford?

Money is the real answer.  If Ford offers a different powerplant in Europe than it’s U.S.. counterparts, they will have to determine the cost of making a diesel vs. a hybrid/electric model.  Then knowing the costs, they would have to have the demand to justify the cost and of course, make a profit. 

Ford plans to increase sales in Europe.  I believe a diesel-powered Mustang would be more successful than electric/hybrid in Europe.  I’m just not sure it would be more successful than a petrol-powered V6.

Are they considering a diesel for the Mustang?  Yes.  Will it come to fruition?  Probably not.  I think it’s more likely we’ll see an Eco-boost 4-cylinder in Europe than a diesel, though I don’t think that will happen either.

Even if Ford started with plans now to develop a dastardly diesel, it would be about 3 years before we actually saw one in Europe.  People in Europe are screaming for Stangs, they don’t want a diesel one.