The people at Cervini’s have come up with a sweet looking retro tail light conversion kit for late model Mustangs.  They are reminiscent of the ones the Cougars had in the 1960’s, which were used by aftermarket Mustang modifiers to look awesome.
2005-2009 LED Tail light conversion

Rockin Retro Rear
Rockin Retro Rear

2010-2011 LED Tail light conversion

10-11 Mustang Tail Lamp conversion will include:

• D.O.T approved Tail Lights
• High Intensity LED Bulbs
• Built-in Sequential turn signals
• Trunk Filler
• Duck Tail Wing
• One piece Rear Bumper
• Tail Lights are covered by a 3 year warranty

3 Responses

  1. I have Cervini led lights on my 2007 Mustang. Several of the LED light have gone out. I am looking to purchase new or replacements. I you have them the price please. If not can you advise me who does.

  2. Were can I find 2005-2009 Mustang GT Cervini’s taillight conversion kit there is know that sell them I didn’t know how to get ahold of them. Looking really har would love a lead of some kind.

  3. I contacted rethink and was told they no longer have a source for the taillight conversion kit. The company went out of business. I did locate a website that was in the process of creating the kit, but they needed investors to get started.

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