Follow Up: Man Marked By Mustang Mustache Materialized At Auto Show

We were the first to break the news last month about millions growing instant mustaches visiting the Ford Mustang display at the Chicago Auto Show.  This month we have a sad and disturbing follow-up story to report. Ralph Knir of Bohner’s Lake, Wisconsin has tried everything to get rid of his unwanted souvenir.  His kids ran screaming when they turned […]

Mustang 888 To Compete With Olds 442

In an awesome display of superior muscle car power, the reigning champ Ford is planning to make a Mustang 888 to beat Oldsmobile to the punch.  Ford doesn’t want Olds to even think about reviving the legendary “442” nameplate on a retro-mod muscle car. The 442 was not named for it’s horsepower or torque, but […]

2010 Mustang Angry About Anniversary

 The 2010 Mustangs are furious.  “I get no respect” balked Huffer, a Sunset Gold Metallic Mustang GT, made in the lonely 2010 model year.  Huffer has horrible hangups to huff about too, including the fact that the 2011 is getting the new Coyote motor, up 97 HP from his engine. He’s also upset that they experimented […]

Police Cruiser in Horse Cave Smashed By Self In Mustang

From By the Daily News: “A Hart County man was arrested Friday night after crashing into a police cruiser while allegedly driving drunk.  Donnie Self, 35, from Horse Cave, was traveling north on U.S. 31-E in a 2002 Ford Mustang when he struck the rear of a marked police cruiser driven by Deputy Chief Joe Middleton […]

Model Railroads Crushed By Fast Mustangs

With this season’s first NMRA event right around the corner, the fastest Mustangs in the country are preparing to crush the competition.  To the annoyance of model railroad fans, confused racers are showing up at the other NMRA’s events, that is, the National Model Railroad Association. Rubbing salt in that wound is the fact that […]

Rare Twin Shelby GT500s Doomed To Demolition Derby

Jim Vernichten can think of nothing more amazing than winning two rare Shelby GT500s, then racing them in a Demolition Derby.  “I always show up in old junkers, and I can’t wait to see the guys’ faces when I show up in these”, Jim proclaimed. His dream may come true July 4th, 2010.  On that day, […]

Married Mustang Maniacs Relieve Spouses Of Mustang Freaks

Just when you thought your spouse was a little too obsessed with the iconic pony car known as the Ford Mustang, news breaks that there are much more obsessed Mustang fans out there.  You can save thousands by not having to call a psychiatrist-laden intervention. Ford Mustang lovers Vickie Sue Kilpatrick and Ronnie Cox got […]

Iacocca Edition Mustang Voted Ugliest Car By Aztec Owners

Out of the roughly 100,000 Pontiac Azteks on the road, all of them are horrifically hideous heaps.  Ironically, in a recent survey, Aztec owners ganged up on a unique custom car of another mother, or father rather. The Iacocca Edition was built last year to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Ford Mustang, which debuted […]

Salty Spoiled Kid Gets 45 Gallons of Saline For Birthday

An Atherton, California kid wanted nothing more than a new Saleen 435s Mustang for his 16th birthday.  His parents could afford a Saleen S281 for him, but capped the son’s gift allowance at $10,000. The parents told him he could have anything he wanted.  When he told them he wanted a new Saleen, his car-dumb […]

Clones Require Twenty Car Garage

Longtime car-buff and bio-engineer, Jim Voiture, has 20 raving-mad clones.  He created the clones to be able to attend several car events occuring on the same weekend in different locations.  What he didn’t count on was how car-crazy all 20 clones would be. Voiture has been held captive in his own home until he satisfies their demands […]