My Snow Mustang Beat Your Sand Stang!


Props go out to 16-year old Tom Murphy, from Manteno Illinois and his dad. Perhaps they were trying to get out of shoveling the driveway and while Mom was sweating out front from heaving two feet of snow, these two were building cars out back. I hope it was at least a supercharged GT500.

2011 Ford Mustang Chosen As Intergalactic Car Of The Decade


In a time when Earth is experiencing a downtrodden economy and a “green” revolution, intergalactic space pirates from nearby Centauri are earning more booty by the minute. Centaurians agree that Ford has a winner on their hands. Qaxar hasn’t driven a Mustang since it “got me a lot of chicks, but was more nose-heavy than W.C. Fields.”

Ford Mustang Was Named After Badminton Team


Some say the Ford Mustang was named after the wild horse. Some say it was named after the P-51 fighter plane made famous in World War II. But very few say the truth, the best kept secret in automotive history.

Roush Stage 4 Packs Four Solid Rocket Boosters

Roush has previously offered 3 different stages to suit your budget and taste. For 2010, the racing pedigree will offer a Stage 4 for the first time, featuring four freaking fast solid rocket boosters.

Donkeypower To Replace Horsepower

The oft-ignored mule stays out of the limelight, while the horse gets all the credit. Car experts are pushing forward with a proposal to rename the roaring rating system from horsepower to “donkeypower”.

Shelby To Be Downgrade Model In 2015

Shelby is going to have to make a new motor soon. The GT is up 97-hp from last year, but the Shelby is up just 10-hp from last year! It may seem ridiculous, but 550-hp may not cut it for the price.

Previously Unreleased 1965 Mustangs For Sale

Dearborn, MI – Ford announced today that 5,000 previously unreleased 1965 Mustangs will go on sale for a mere $16,058. These are BRAND NEW spotless, shining 1965 Mustangs, actually made in 1965.

Do Ford Mustangs Have Accelerator Problem?

Residents of Detroit have seen “countless Mustangs ripping down the streets at unsafe speeds”. They have witnessed this so often they have reported their observations to the police. Detroit police involved the mechanical engineers at Michigan State to further investigate.

Man Bitten By Snake Eases Pain With Motor Oil

A Shelby GT500 can be dropped off at the Shelby Las Vegas facility and shed it’s skin, emerging as either a 630-hp or 725-hp monster. Keeping the 5.4L DOHC V8 motor, the 725-hp features an upgraded inter-cooler and radiator, a cold air intake, and a high-flow JBA exhaust system.