2014 Mustang Might Cause Vomiting


I saw some Mustang rendering of what some think the 2014 Ford Mustang may look like. I ran for the bathroom, and after feeling utter nausea for at least an hour, I looked at the rendering again like gawking at a bad accident.

Keep Blow-by Out Yer Intake!

Don’t have a supercharger or turbo so you’re not worried? Think again! Neither do I! Have you checked your throttle-body lately? This amount of oil blow-by comes out after only 250 miles of driving. You don’t want this gunk getting sucked back into your intake do you?

Perry Farm Mustang Show Update

If you didn’t make it to the Mustang car show at Perry Farm in Bourbonnais, IL today, you missed out! It was an awesome display of some of the hottest Stangs from every generation. There were Shelbys, Saleens, Roushs, you name it. 2nd gen Mustang Cobras were in the house, even a ’67 GT500KR. It was incredible.

Perry Farm Ford and Mustang Show TODAY!

Stay tuned for coverage of the Perry Farm Ford and Mustang Show, which is of course TODAY, Sunday, August 1, 2010, at 459 N. Kennedy Drive in Bourbonnais, IL.

Good Morning Bad Morning!

You know it’s going to be a bad day when you never went to sleep, but wanted to, then you find out at 1:00 AM that you have to go to work, 40 miles away.

Oh that Chicago weather…

It wasn’t long ago I spent a nice, relaxing, warm morning cleaning my engine bay. Yet on my way to work today, I had to bust out my winter coat, hat, and honestly I wish I brought my gloves!

Life From The Sideview Mirror

Sometimes I feel like I’m looking in a side-view mirror, watching life go by at a weird angle. You see things you’ve passed up, some good, some bad.