Drool all you want… Ford has updated their website to include a “Build Your Own” 2011 Mustang page.  Take your best shot at configuring the car of your dreams and tell us about it!  Are you getting the spoiler-delete option to install your own aftermarket one?  What’s your favorite color?

Build A Better Beast

Take on the challenge and see how many combinations you can come up with.  I have mine planned out; a black GT Premium, 6-speed (either auto or manual!), 18″ chrome Bullitt wheels, probably spoiler-delete… now if I could only cough up abuot $35,000, I’d be all set.  Mess around, see what happens.  Print it out and stick it on your wall as inspiration to try to make more money or save up for one!

I have a feeling, it will be well worth it.