We told you about the BOSS 302R a few months ago, and how Ford would release a street version of this historic icon.  The time has come.  Friday the 13th will be unlucky no more.  Ford will unleash on the streets the 2011 BOSS 302 this Friday, August 13, 2010.

The BOSS 302 first appeared in 1969, and lasted only until 1970, as a model destined for the SCCA Trans Am series, to compete with the Chevy Camaro Z28, which stole the Mustang’s 1967 championship in 1968 and 1969.  Parnelli Jones took the win in the BOSS 302 in 1970.

2011 BOSS 302

These victorious names of yesteryear are making a comeback with Ford, which is no mistake.  All part of the master plan, according to J Mays, Ford’s Vice President of Global Design.  Thanks to him and the rest of the staff at Ford, we will see a new BOSS 302, in the low $30’s and beefed up to around 430-horsepower.

Also coming soon, a new Mach 1, last seen in 2003-04.  They’ve already done the 5th generation in Bullitt form, and CS (California Special), Cobra Jet, Super Snake, and more.  I’m not sure there is anything left besides bringing back the names SVT and/or Cobra.  I know, what about another Mystic Cobra!?!

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  1. I got to drive one of these down in Florida with my hubby when we were on vacation and i loooooveed it. Hads down Ford finally came up with a car that feels really powerful but yet easy to handle and my gosh we went 0 to get a ticket in like 3 secounds. lol No really I loved this car and would totally allow my husband to buy one of these 🙂

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