Boss 302 Intake Manifold Can Be Yours!

For all 2011+ Mustangs w/ Coyote 5.0L V8, you can buy your own Boss 302 Intake Manifold and be the envy of all your friends, except that jerk that bought a Boss 302!

Stang Pit is BACK!

First of all, if this post seems like deja vu, there’s a reason. Though it seems like years to you have passed, only a few days have gone by for me since I was traveling at light speed. But other than that, yeah, you heard that right. Stang Pit is back and better than ever! […]

2014 Mustang Might Cause Vomiting


I saw some Mustang rendering of what some think the 2014 Ford Mustang may look like. I ran for the bathroom, and after feeling utter nausea for at least an hour, I looked at the rendering again like gawking at a bad accident.

2013 Cobra Jet Will Eat Your Family


The people over at Autoblog may have spied a 2013 Cobra jet ripping up some monster Hoosier tires. It has a hood scoop big enough to eat your entire family. Ford has updated this sweet beast nearly every year for a while, with a few exceptions.

Mustang Week 2011 in July


Your vacation is already planned this year. Head over to Myrtle Beach, SC for a whirlwind week of Mustang muscle and more memories than you can manage to muster. Start each day enjoying the beautiful beach and South Carolina area. Then spend each afternoon in Ford Mustang obsession land. The event runs from July 18 through July 24, 2011 this year.

Mayhem Mustang Package Named By Fans


Ford’s Mustang V6 new performance package has been named the “Mayhem Mustang Package” in a Facebook contest that drew more than 3,000 entries. The package bundles a 305-horsepower all-aluminum V6 (sweet).

Roush Stage 3 Mustangs Are Whoopin

The ROUSH Teams are 5th place and 12th place overall, but are 1st place and 2nd place in our SSGT2 Big Bore class. Drivers Billy Johnson and Jack Roush, Jr., push the 2012 ROUSH Stage 3’s on the drag strip, road courses and auto-cross events.