I saw some Mustang rendering of what some think the 2014 Ford Mustang may look like.  I ran for the bathroom, and after feeling utter nausea for at least an hour, I looked at the rendering again through the fingers covering my face, like gawking at a bad accident.

2014 – Time to barf
Barf me twice, shame on me!

It looks like the new Camaro.  Okay, the front end of the new Camaro isn’t horrible, but the back-end sure is.  Does the Mustang rendering have the new Camaro back-end too?  No, much worse, instead it looks like some kind of Mitsubishi mates with Mazda and an AutoZone freak baby!

As far as the front end, please don’t make it look like the Camaro!  At least slant the upper outside edges inward like the Shelbys, rather than the rendering which has the whole overdone Toyota-trying-to-mimic-BMW-but-looks-like-a-Pontiac headlight-thing going on.


5 Responses

  1. Bro, the back end of that looks awesome! Don’t vomit over it. The front needs some work. Where’s that rendering from?

  2. I think the picture looks good. Let’s face it, the Mustang must go thru some changes. It can’t always resemble a vintage ’67 Ford pony car.

  3. You want to barf over the ’12/13 styling? Now the rocket scientists at ford are going to put out a FOUR DOOR Mustang in ’14 !
    You’d think they would have learned with what they did to the Thunderbird in the 70’s.

  4. I still think it looks good. It needs to be freshened up and this does that while still retaining a look that says this is a Mustang. I’m not too sure how well it will sell with the ecoboost 4, though. Gotta have that 5.0 !

  5. The rounded top of it sucks the front does to the back of it looks ok. I think they should
    stick with the 2013 style and give the next style some tim to think about it some more.

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