Ford created a special edition “Mustang Club of America” car, as an option package for the V6, for $995.  It brings the total sticker price to about $27,690.  The package includes horizontal chrome stripes for the grille, featuring the tri-bar pony logo on the side, instead of the large chrome pony in the middle.  The MCA edition also has the “hockey-stick” stripes ont he sides along with fog lamps, automatic headlights, a spoiler, and special floor mats unique to this model.

2011 MCA-edition V6 Mustang

I’m sure every club would like it’s own Ford-endorsed special-edition Mustang, but the MCA is the most recognizable.  Displaying a membership sticker on your car is even good for 1-point at car shows.  The Mustang Club of America was founded in 1976 and has over 11,000 members.  They put on car shows and other events throughout the year.  They have regional clubs you can be a part of.

2011 is definitely a bright year for Ford and the Mustang, and fortunately we get to start enjoying it in 2010!

Front-end, All Smiles!