If you haven’t already seen one, the new 2011 Shelby G500’s are sporting a 120-lb lighter front-end due to an aluminum block and some other stuff, as well as switching to electronic power steering.  They are also bearing narrower stripes from front to back with the new “appearance package”, is that cool or what I can’t tell.

You could also order it with fatty stripes or without stripes at all.  I’m partial to big, fat, stripes but of course that is just my opinion.  Any skinnier than the new Shelby’s and it’s going to be like a pin-stripe job on the freakin’ things. 

2011 Shelby GT500 "skinny stripes"

Starting at just under $50k, a new GT500 could be all yours this year.  Or you could get a Mustang GT, now at 412-hp (underestimated) for nearly $20k cheaper, but again, maybe I’m just crazy.

Enjoy, and if you’re anywhere near Illinois, get yer butt over to Bourbonnais today from 8am til 3pm or so for the Perry’s Farm Ford and Mustang Show.  It’s kind of a big deal!!