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Mark Fields, Ford President of the Americas, announced last week that Ford plans on building a production Boss 302.  In showy but rightful fashion, a 1970 Boss 302 went ripping across the stage as the clue to what they’re building.

2011 Ford Mustang BOSS 302R

Arriving in early 2011 as a 2012 model, the Boss 302 is expected to produce at least 440-hp, and will be quite collectible for it’s first reappearance model year.  As time goes on, if it’s still offered, it will be widely available such as the GT500’s are now, even for 2011.

What’s next, a Mach 1?  Another Mystic?  A Boss 427?  What an exciting new century.

2011 Ford Mustang BOSS 302R

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  1. OHC engines are always going to have a bigger physical envelope relative to pushrod designs. The Ford modular V8s are dimensionally huge and a little bit heavier compared to the GM LSx family (which are just a little bit smaller than the old Windsor 302); you don’t get something for nothing. Ford is selling the new 5.0 as a crate engine now; according to their spec sheet, it weighs 440 pounds – about 25 pounds more than the GM LS3 6.2L.

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