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  1. dont say the word v6 around a muclse car they do not fit. There are lots of different types of small v8 that ford and chevy made, personally I would look for a small block 60s early 70s chevy of some kind , they were simple, easy to fix and if you find the right one for you it will be a decent daily driver and good on gasChevy made a small 260 v8 in many cars it had good power for what it was and did good on gas, the 283 was a long time strong running motor that could be pumped out into a power house small block, and with a 4 speed a lot of fun to drive. The 327 has long been a sleeper of a v8 and unless you were a hard core chevy nut not a lot of people were that familiar with them It ran on premium and was a fun rocket ship to get ahold of in a light car, it was not as strong off the line as the 350 and the 350 could outrun it up to a 120 or so but once that 327 started revving in the top end of the rpm range it would rip past a 350 like it was parked, problem was you were going really fast by the time that happened. and 327 was not good on gas. dont get the 305 or the 307 these were garbage motors. for you general all pourpose muclse car motor the 350 is the one with the cheapes high dollar parts that can make you tons of horsepower and is probably the best way to go, with a turbo 350 transmission it works darn good and if you can find one put together right already it saves you a lot of research. It is far better to find a car already running, than to try and do it yourself if you do not have axcess to a shop full of tools and some good people with know how. affordable is a relative word, some cars like impala for example had 4 doors, this would be cheaper both to buy, and to insure, especially if you are young.Ford I like but not if I have to own one and fix it, I had so many 10 dollar ford parts go bad, it got depressing, but only because a ten dollar part could side line your car, chevrolet does not have that problem, and thats why when you look at those old 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and other dodge or ford or they all put a chevy 350 drive train in them.

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