Nothing gets the blood pumping like horsepower upwards of 500-hp. Let’s put things in perspective: 200 horsepower is a respectible amount on a smaller, lighter V6 automobile. A monster 550-hp is how much the new 2011 Shelby GT500 pumps out at the crank. This sinister Super-Stang belts out around 700-hp at the rear wheels on pump gas! It is beauty and the beast wrapped up in one sweet custom package.

Fat Tires on Deep-Dish Rims, Nice Rear
Dream About This

I was guided to this terrifying tire-shredder by forces I cannot explain. When you happen upon something of this magnitude, it’s like seeing a unicorn. Except it’s more like seeing a fire-breathing demon unicorn that will rip your innards out with it’s uni-horn.

I was lucky enough to meet the owner of this pavement-pounding-pony, Gus, who gave me an awe-inspiring peek under the hood.

What is a Mustang GTT? Well it’s Gus’ Twin Turbo of course. When he popped open the hood, I think I heard the Sunrise music in 2001: A Space Odyssey. I was nearly blinded by the tasteful blue, satin, and chrome gracing the engine bay. The dual turbo spinners sat like eyes on a monster just behind the front grille, which has a erie ghost horse where the stock chrome horse used to be.

This precious pony pounds out around 700 horsepower, so far, yet the owner states is very streetable and “a lot of fun”. That’s got to be an understatement. Custom fuel system, custom exhaust, custom piping, custom intercooler. Upgraded transmission, TCI rachet shifter, shaved trunk emblem (a.k.a faux gas cap), Mustang headrest emblems, the list goes on. With some recent mods, the tuning is still underway with a realistic goal of about 700-hp and 850 lb-ft of torque.

The exterior subtly shows sister seamless stripes, clear-coated over to blend beautifully. They are almost ghost stripes. Dark deep-dish rims adorned with huge shoes, neatly tucked in the fenders.

Can You See The Pony?

This Mustang was clearly mustache-inducing. I felt a full-blown handlebar ‘stache slowly snake down my face. It’s not every day you come across a muscle monster so mean it makes nearby SRT8’s weep in envy.

Surely someone was impregnated just by walking past it. It reminded me of the feeling I got when I walked past the new 412-hp 5.0 “Coyote” motor from Ford, but much, much better. N/A and supercharged Stangs are great, but to see a twin-turbo one is a rare sight.

Thanks for sharing this Beauty & Beast with us.

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The story begins over 5 years ago. The S197 body style debuted, and Gus wanted one. Unlike most however, he started modifying his beloved beau within days of purchasing it. Fast-forward through more mods, nitrous installs, a blown motor, and surely a few sets of tires, and we feast our eyes on this crazy custom creation.

Gus talked to Pete at Pete’s Auto Clinic and Nayel at S&S Chassis in Schiller Park, IL about taking his Mustang to the next level. After discussing a blower and other options, they agreed that a twin-turbo and custom setup would not only be incredible, but extraordinary. Gus likes to keep things interesting. 850 lb/ft of torque is definitely interesting. Enjoy the pics and the tech specs.


Pete’s Auto Clinic   S&S Chassis – Street and Strip
(773) 463-4411   (847) 678-3000
3426 W Bryn Mawr Avenue   9209 Ivanhoe Street
Chicago, IL 60659   Schiller Park IL, 60176
Neighborhood: North Park   email:
email:   web:



BLOCK stock
BORE .020 over
STROKE stock
DISPLACEMENT 283 cubic inches
RODS Cobra with L19 bolts
CAMSHAFTS Crower Stage 2
HEADS Livernois Stage 3 – fully CNC ported
INTAKE stock, but working on new sheet metal
THROTTLE BODY stock for now
FUEL PUMP Dual pumps
HEADERS Custom handmade by S&S Chassis
EXHAUST Custom handmade by S&S Chassis, with Flowmasters in back
TRANSMISSION Soon to be TCI SuperStreetFighter with 3800 rpm stall torque converter
CLUTCH (Automatic)
REAREND 3:31 final drive, soon to be 33-spline


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  1. SIMPLY AMAZING!!! This car is a true creation from Gus… I have seen this car in its beginning stages through the ultimate completion and can tell you that as much as it is a mechancial marvel, it is also a labor of love and satisfaction. I can’t wait for Gus to showcase this car at a local car show or run it at the track. No matter which he chooses, it will always be a WINNER!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on a job and a dream well done!!!

  2. Man this car is sick! I remember talking about this car last winter with Gus. He told me what his plans were and I thought it was ridiculous. But as you can see, he made those plans into reality! Congratulations on having such a beast of a car. Love the sleeper status too. This car will always be unique. Man I’m jealous. Very jealous. (kid from stellas)

  3. This monster eyed, mustache growing, fire-breathing demon unicorn is my baby. Like all car fanatics, the time, hard work and money that go into our cars is only half the story. The other half of the equation is the comradeship and adulation that comes from owing a hot rod. Your car is a direct reflection of your personality, likes, dislikes and even your favorite color. Time spent building cars with your friends and family enhances the quality of your life and theirs. Time spent turning a wrench long into the night, alone, lost in thought, forgetting all about todays and tomorrows troubles are ———————–. I’ve heard it call the Wrench Church, a spiritual connection to a living breathing steel, rubber and paint. Admit, nothing…….NOTHING sounds better then a built America V8 starting and revving up.

  4. Gus, Your car is so beautiful! I may have just gotten impregnated by it…LOL Keep up the great work, She is surly some thing to be very proud of. Jenna

  5. Hey Gus .
    c est un truc de fou que tu nous montre la !!!
    oui je reviendrai te voir rien que pour faire un ride avec ton jouet .
    quelle gueule !!

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