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SCT Tuner To PC

On May - 13 - 2010

If you’ve never done this before, it’s very frustrating to get started with all the right software.
I will add pics soon, but here are the basics.

How to use the SCT SF3/X3 tuner with your computer:
(written for LiveLink v.6.1)

  • First download and install Microsoft’s .NET Framework if you don’t already have it. Download from MS’ site below, click the “Download” button near the top of the screen.
  • PLUG IN DEVICE TO PC USING USB CABLE (A TO B CABLE). It will prompt you for drivers locations, just wait and don’t answer yet. Plugging it in will give device power and you can look up what firmware it has on it already. This will tell you whether you have an enhanced or non-enhanced version.
  • On SCT SF3/X3, select “Device Info” and write all this info down, specifically noting the current firmware version.
  • Make sure you have written down the following:  STRATEGY, SER#, MODEL# (ON BOX), then find out which version you have by comparing your SCT Tuner’s Serial # with the information on this SCT webpage,  This will tell you whether your firmware version is ENHANCED OR NOT.
  • Go to SCT’s website:
  • Select button near bottom left that says “Device Updates and Downloads”.
  • Under the 1st pulldown labeled “Select SCT Device”, select “SF3 Ford – P/N: 3015”, if that is the model of SCT Tuner you have.
  • Under the 2nd pulldown labeled “Select the Software Type”, there are the following chocies:
    • Device Tune Revision
    • Device Update Software
    • Device Firmware
  • Download the latest of each of them that applies to you. Look up existing firmware versions on chart to see if you have enhanced or non-enhanced. Make sure you have latest version, if not then download it.  You should have a maximum of 2 files downloaded now, 1 for DEVICE UPDATE SOFTWARE and 1 for LATEST FIRMWARE (if needed).
  • Before updating your SCT’s firmware, ask your your tune vendor (Bama, American Muscle, Brenspeed, etc) if updating the firmware will overwrite the tunes that may be installed on your SCT Tuner.
  • Now go back to:
  • Go to “Add-on Software and Utilities” near the bottom-right and select “Live-Link Software” current version is 6.1, previous versions are under “discontinued software”
  • Download it and install.
  • Also install SCT updater software that you downloaded earlier (Device Update Software).
  • Go back to the “Install Drivers” prompt in Windows and just point it to the root of your C: drive and check “include subfolders”.  It should find the right drivers no problem now that the Device Update Software has been installed.

What to do next? While on SCT’s website, download the manuals for the SCT SF3 Ford, the DashScan, and more by going to: and clicking “Select Product Manual”

Also at that link there are videos on “Updating your X3 or Livewire flash device” and “Formatting your X3 or Livewire flash device”.

You should be all set to use your SCT tuner with your computer.  Now you just have to use it on your car!

Also check out my pages on DATALOGGING and INSTALLING TUNES, coming soon!

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